Jenoptik and LightTrans finalise cooperation agreement

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The micro-optics business unit of Jenoptik's Optical Systems Division and the company LightTrans will work closely together in the field of development and commercialisation of micro-optical solutions.

With this exciting new cooperation Jenoptik will support their customers even better in all fields of application of modern micro-optics. The micro-optical design based on the Unified Optical Modeling approach – which was first introduced by LightTrans – will be combined with the comprehensive and advanced technology portfolio of Jenoptik for micro-and nanostructuring, system integration and testing. Jenoptik's customers will benefit from improved micro-optical solutions and an even wider range of services offered for new and rapidly growing applications of micro-optics.

LightTrans’ VirtualLab software will be exposed to many new impulses from customers with challenging requirements. These new requests will enable LightTrans to enhance their cutting edge software for emerging applications, to extend the modular toolbox concept and to establish VirtualLab as the leading micro-optics and optical design software. Jenoptik supports LightTrans in the marketing of the VirtualLab software and distributes the software exclusively in the US via the Jenoptik subsidiary MEMS Optical.