Laser 2000 in three new distribution partnerships

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Laser 2000, a distributor of laser, micromachining, optical, and fibre optic equipment based in Munich, has announced three new distribution partnerships. Laser 2000 has will now be a European distributor for Manlight, Lumencor, and Raylase.

The deal with Manlight will see Laser 2000 distributing the company's products throughout Germany and Austria. Manlight develops high-power fibre lasers and amplifiers in the range of 1.0µm and 1.5µm, pulsed or CW, with a range of optional features to cover telecom, industrial, scientific, medical and LIDAR applications.

The company's partnership with Raylase will see Laser 2000 distributing the company's products in France, Spain and Portugal. Raylase produces a range of deflection heads for CO2, HeNe, Nd:YAG lasers, frequency doubled and frequency tripled Nd:YAG lasers, diode lasers, and argon lasers. The company produces single-axis galvanometer scanners, XY deflection units, scanning products based on its own three-axis technology, and devices for opto-mechanical laser power control. Laser 2000 already distributes Raylase's products in the BeNeLux area under a pre-existing arrangement.

The partnership with Lumencor will see Laser 2000 become the exclusive distributor of the company's products within Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Lumencor develops high quality light engines aimed at the bioanalytical instruments market.