Laser Components collaborates with PicoQuant on photon counters

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Laser Components and PicoQuant have forged a strategic alliance to further the development and commercialisation of photon counters. The highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are developed and manufactured by Laser Components, and the electronics are supplied by PicoQuant.

Two different series are being developed: the photon counters (photon counting modules) for non-time-resolved applications are available, effective immediately, under the trademark Count through Laser Components' worldwide network of distributors. The second series, t-SPAD, stands for modules targeting time-resolved applications. This series is available through the PicoQuant sales network. The assembly and subsequent testing of both types of modules are performed at each company's headquarters.

'PicoQuant possesses great application know-how and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in the photon counting market,' said Patrick Paul, general manager of Laser Components. 'Even though the APD technology, which is at the heart of the system, is our own, it was important for us to bring in another partner. The synergies of this alliance are promising. After the first tests, PicoQuant was convinced of the great potential our joint product exhibits as well as of the philosophy behind it. Our goal is to develop the modules further, in close cooperation with our customers, in order to open up new applications.'

'We have known Laser Components for many years as a well-established manufacturer of APDs and a reliable business partner. Therefore, we were interested in the joint development of photon counters from the very beginning,' said Rainer Erdmann, general manager of PicoQuant. 'The new modules perfectly match current customer needs and complement our existing product portfolio very well. They will help us to better serve the different target markets and to expand them.'