Laseroptik reports 100th Express coating order

Laseroptik received the 100th order for its rapid prototyping service ‘Laseroptik Express’.

General manager Werner Moorhoff and CEO Dr. Wolfgang Ebert said that most of the demand was for the option ‘Express safe’, that offers any coating within one to two weeks if substrates are available from Laseroptik's stock or at the customer. Also there was on average each month an order for the 24 hour option and for ‘Express extra’, of which the latter includes custom made substrates plus coatings of all kinds.   

Laseroptik launched this service in 2007 and provides one dedicated e-beam PVD coating machine on standby for Express orders only. Due to the success of Laseroptik Express this concept has now been extended to magnetron sputtered and IBS coatings.

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