LBP Optics acquires Symons Mirror Technology

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British Optics manufacturer LBP Optics is has purchased UK-based Symons Mirror Technology (SMT), a diamond machining company and manufacturer of optical and high-precision mechanical components. The purchase will enhance both the manufacturing capabilities and the product range of LBP Optics.

The team at SMT offers more than 30 years of experience and now, in combination with optical engineers at ULO and LBP Optics, the company will offer design and manufacture under the same roof. This will enable them to work closely with customers to overcome problems and adapt to the specific requirements of each project.

LBP Optics is now able to manufacture components with extremely demanding specifications and complex shapes such as polygons, axicons, infrared domes, aspheric, ellipsoids, off-axis parabolic, Fresnel optics and toroids.

'Combining the experience of the two businesses was an easy decision. We’ve worked closely together for many years and I’ve always been impressed with Symons’ expertise and product quality,' LBP Optics director Paul Maclennan explained. 'This purchase will enable us to open up new markets and develop new products to meet customers’ ever more demanding specifications.'

According to Graham Allberrey, director and co-founder of Symons Mirror Technologies, this is a welcome and exciting development. 'Joining the team at LBP Optics will ensure the continuing growth of the business, and offers us additional sales, marketing and administrative support. We’re really excited about the future.'

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