LightPath announces new CEO

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The LightPath Board of Directors has appointed Jim Gaynor as president and CEO of LightPath and a director of the Board.

Jim Gaynor joined LightPath in July 2006 and, prior to his appointment as CEO, was LightPath’s Executive Vice President of Global Operations.

Mr. Gaynor has 30 years of business experience in volume manufacturing in the electronics and optics industry. He started his career at Corning Glass Works and gained international experience at Rockwell International. He joined JDSU in 2000 as vice president of operations in the Transmission Subsystems Group. Prior to joining LightPath he was director of Operations at Puradyn Filter. He has a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.

LightPath has also announced that Bob Ripp, LightPath’s chairman, will become more involved with the company to assist the executive team with strategic planning. Activities will include strategic focus on the LightPath business model and establishing financial goals and targets for the company. He will also assist in strategic initiatives regarding M&A activities, joint ventures, financing, and other external company matters as required.