LightPath Technologies signs $1.1m IR optics research contract

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LightPath Technologies has entered into a $1.1 million research and development contract with Raytheon Vision Systems to develop low cost manufacturing processes for infrared optics.

The IR optics research is part of the US government's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Low Cost Thermal Imaging Manufacturing (LCTI-M) programme. The goal of LCTI-M is to develop a wafer scale manufacturing process that will result in a camera on a chip, so every soldier can have a thermal imager. LightPath has over 25 years of infrared aspherical optics moulding experience and the LCTI-M contract will allow the firm to further develop its moulding technology.

Jim Gaynor is president and chief executive officer of LightPath. He said: ‘This contract allows us to continue our work to develop even lower cost materials and processes for infrared optics, which we believe will enable critical defence capabilities, and expanded commercial applications as well.’

With this technology Lightpath is targeting applications such as infrared countermeasures, thermography, gas sensing and commercial night vision systems.