Marl in £100,000 train refurbishment

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Marl has given its in-house demonstration train a £100,000 facelift, bringing it up-to-date with the latest energy efficient lighting technologies it offers for rail applications.  

The move follows the launch of a new generation of LED lighting solutions, which are energy efficient and offer the high light outputs.  

David Moorhouse, sales and marketing director at Marl, said: ‘Improvements in LED technology means that it now matches the light output of halogen lamps, with efficiency better than that of fluorescent tubes. LED lighting offers rail interior designers a triple whammy of energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs as well as fantastic flexibility in terms of the range of effects including colours achievable.’ 

Marl Rail LED lighting is installed in hundreds of rail carriages worldwide, and the company is seeing increasing interest in its technology from the industry. A full size single-car rail unit at its UK headquarters shows its range of lighting is suitable for the rail industry in situ. Marl LED lighting features lifetimes of 50-100,000 hours, compared to 4,000 hours for halogen and 20,000 for fluorescent tubes. This greatly reduces the need for maintenance teams to check and replace lights.   

Marl LED lighting is also extremely robust and shock resistant, making it highly suitable for use as emergency lighting. An innovation on the refurbished Marl train is the use of the same cabin lights as both ambient and emergency exit lighting, eliminating the need to maintain two systems.