Metrology Concepts to distribute interferometers in USA

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Precision Solutions has appointed Metrology Concepts as its new distributor in the USA for the Interfire II family of infrared interferometers. Based in Rochester, New York, Metrology Concepts specialises in surface and wavefront measurement solutions for the laser, ophthalmic, precision optics, and scientific markets.

The Interfire II family of infrared interferometers is designed for use in production, quality control or research applications. It features four instruments operating at 3-5µm, 10.6µm, 9.2-10.7µm tunable, 1.55µm and 850nm.

Metrology Concepts' core technologies include phase shifting interferometry, Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing, optical and mechanical profilometry. Precision Solutions sales and marketing manager, Robin Addison, said: 'Metrology Concepts is a perfect outlet for the Interfire II range, as the company operates in all of the key markets we seek to address. In addition they have a long history with Fisba Optik, who supply the µShape measurement and analysis software that we use on the Interfire II series.'