Micromachining success leads to facility expansion

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JP Sercel Associates (JPSA), a New Hampshire, USA-based manufacturer of laser micromachining systems, has completed an expansion of its manufacturing facility. The expansion will allow the company to meet increasing demand for its LED, solar, and excimer laser micromachining systems.

The expansion has doubled the size of the existing laser production area used to manufacture JPSA’s high throughput, high precision laser micromachining systems. The expansion will also provide state-of-the-art clean rooms, R&D laboratories for the development of cutting-edge micromachining applications and ergonomic office space to accommodate growing customer service and engineering teams.

In making the announcement, Jeffrey P. Sercel, chairman and CTO of JPSA, said: 'The expansion is a result of JPSA’s continued success in providing state-of-the-art laser micromachining systems and applications support for numerous industries worldwide. The laser equipment and R&D services we provide will carry our growth into the next decades as we continue to develop new technologies and increase our workforce.'

JPSA products and services include UV excimer, DPSS and ultra-fast laser micromachining systems, UV and VUV laser beam delivery systems, laser materials processing development, optical damage testing, and excimer laser refurbishment services.