Mobius and Tratech announce agreement

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Mobius Photonics, a producer of short pulsed fibre laser sources (IR, green, and UV laser), and Tratech Fiberoptics, a manufacturer of high-power fibre optic cables, have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement that designates Tratech Fiberoptics as the worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Mobius' Meight line of optical fibre connectors and associated components.

Mobius' Meight connectors are detachable optical fibre connectors intended for precision power applications, such as pump light delivery and fibre coupling in commercial and industrial lasers. Meight connectors accommodate up to a few hundred Watts of power via multimode fibres with core diameters between 50µm and 1mm.

'We're pleased to announce our licensing agreement with Tratech Fiberoptics,' said Red Byer, Mobius vice president of operations. 'Tratech has an established history with Mobius as a fibre assembly supplier and was a contributor in Meight connector development. They continually demonstrate to us a high level of product quality and reliability, which will be important for helping establish the Meight design as a new standard in optical fibre connectors.'