Mountains tech available from Olympus

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Olympus will supply users of its LEXT OLS3100 confocal laser scanning microscope (cLSM) with 3D surface texture and micro-geometry analysis software based upon Digital Surf’s Mountains technology.

The LEXT OLS3100 provides non-contact, metrology and has a high resolution and versatile observation of all types of samples. It provides dependable repeatability, fast measurement speed and a 'single click' operation. It has numerous applications in many fields including precision inspection of semiconductors, flat-panel displays, MEMS, automotive engine parts and a wide range of materials.

The Mountains technology is the leading software for surface texture analysis and complements the LEXT. It analyses images generated by the LEXT and provides users with all of the analytical functions needed to prepare detailed and accurate surface metrology reports in an easy and straightforward way.

A Mountains analysis document is built frame by frame in an intuitive desktop publishing environment with a multi-language user interface. Real-time 3D imaging and intelligent pre-processing to maximise image quality make it easy to locate and visualise surface features and anomalies at any zoom level or angle.

Surface roughness analysis is carried out in accordance with advanced filtering techniques as defined in the ISO 16610 standard, including the new robust filters used by the automotive industry. A full set of 3D surface parameters are generated in accordance with the new ISO 25178 standard, the first international standard on 3D surface texture, which provides a solid foundation for industry’s transition from 2D to 3D surface analysis.