Navitar acquires Hyperion Development/AMF Optics

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Navitar Industries has purchased Hyperion Development/AMF Optics, which the company said will expand its product offerings, optical and mechanical design services, manufacturing capabilities and production.

Hyperion Development has a history of designing deep ultraviolet (DUV) and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) semiconductor lithography systems. Their optical solutions range from ultra-precision microscope objectives, high volume electronic imaging lenses, cine prime lenses, mobile medical solutions, and infrared (IR) solutions for aerospace, defence, and photonics applications.

Hyperion Development expanded in 2014 with the acquisition of AMF Optics and American Diamond Turning. The newly consolidated company, AMF Optics, is located in Woburn, MA. 

With the acquisition, AMF Optics is Navitar’s first ITAR registered and ISO 9000 certified facility. AMF provides high quality traditional diamond turned optical components and infrared lens assemblies. The facility will continue to operate in Woburn and all personnel will be maintained.   

Hyperion Development/AMF Optics co-founders, Michael Thomas and Russ Hudyma, both graduates of the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester, have joined the Navitar leadership team. Michael Thomas will now serve as president of the Navitar family of companies, and Russ Hudyma has been appointed chief technical officer.

'The success of Hyperion Development was achieved through our commitment to excellence, strong partner relationships and tirelessly working to meet customer’s needs – all core values shared by Navitar,' Michael Thomas commented. 'We are eager to join and lead the Navitar team, drive technological innovation and continue to make a lasting contribution to customers.' 

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