Ophir launches social media programme

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The Ophir Laser Measurement Group has launched a social media programme focused on laser measurement. The centrepiece of the programme is the Laser Measurement Group blog, which features tips and techniques for optimising laser performance. Articles include such topics as 'Preventing thermal laser sensor damage' and 'A discussion of laser beam profiling and the subject of accuracy', as well as announcements about new video tutorials and power meter and beam profiling products.

In addition, Ophir Laser Measurement Group has launched Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn groups to keep scientists and engineers up to date and encourage dialogue about how to find the best techniques and equipment for laser measurement tasks.

'The optics and laser community is moving faster than ever,' said Gary Wagner, president of Ophir-Spiricon. 'We can't afford to wait for industry trade shows and conferences to share ideas and introduce new innovations. The internet revolutionised content delivery and now social media is changing the method and the pace at which we dialogue. So we are pleased to offer four special locations for discussions about lasers and laser measurement using the latest interactive tools: the Laser Measurement blog, and Twitter, Facebook, and LInkedIn groups.'

The social media programme integrates with the Ophir Laser Measurement Group website, which was recently updated to support Chinese and Russian content and search functions, in addition to English, Japanese, and Dutch.