Ophir Optronics acquires Photon Inc

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Jerusalem-based laser measurement specialists Ophir Optronics have acquired San Jose-based Photon Inc, a developer of precision laser beam profiling optical test equipment. The acquisition adds Photon's experience and products to the Ophir-Spiricon group and creates a powerful, new supplier of laser measurement equipment for industrial, medical, and scientific research applications.

Ophir-Spiricon now provides a complete line of beam profiling equipment and software. Photon's extensive experience with laser and fibre beam characterisation in the photonics industry supports solving complex optical problems and provides semi-customised measurement system designs. Of special interest in the acquisition was Photon’s scanning-slit technology, which provides high accuracy and precision measurement of CW and sub-KHz pulsed laser beams across the spectrum range from UV to far infrared, without the need for complicated attenuation schemes.

'I am delighted that we have been able to bring together two highly innovative businesses,' stated Moty Gelbman, general manager of the laser measurement group at Ophir. 'Photon Inc and its products are a perfect complement to Ophir-Spiricon's beam profiling business. Photon's people and products are well respected, as are our own. And Photon's scanning-slit technology combines accuracy and ease of use for a wide range of applications, including real time operations.'