Photonics group set up to increase collaboration

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A Belgian Photonics cluster has been created to promote collaborate between photonics companies.

The main objectives of the cluster will be to encourage knowledge exchange between specialised organisations to increase economic return, to promote ‘bottom-up’ innovation through networking and to join together the competences of those coming from different industries and research centres.

Photonics companies involved in the venture include: Amos, the Liege Space Centre, Euroscan, FN‑Herstal, Kabelwerk Eupen, Lambda-X, Lasea, Rovitech, Technifutur, Thales Alenia Space ETCA and the Laboratory for atomic, molecular and optical physics (PAMO) of the UCL (Université catholique de Louvain). The cluster was created as an initiative of PromOptica, the Belgian Association for the promotion of optics. The cluster was created a few weeks ago under the sponsorship of the Walloon Government.

The cluster will be coordinated with other Belgian clusters as well as with foreign photonics groups to help encourage synergy, creativity, and explore new development paths.

The cluster will promote business and research co-operation between its members, and make their skills known internationally.

The cluster will cover photonics topics including material processing, laser and optical instrumentation, medical instrumentation, industrial vision and research into optics and photonics.