Photonis signs deal with Georgia Tech for spectrometer research

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Electro-optic mass spectrometer component manufacturer Photonis has signed a research agreement with Georgia Tech Research Corporation to design and develop a prototype Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) analyser.

The analyser will be able to interface with a wide range of mass spectrometers or other sources in order to reduce the overall complexity of IMS analysis. The prototype is designed to improve performance and reduce cost when compared to current IMS analysers. A key component in the analyser is a Photonis resistive glass product that eliminates the need for complex wire components as well as heating requirements, simplifying the analysis process.

Resistive glass is manufactured in a patented process by Photonis. It creates an electric field to guide or direct charged particles. It consists of alkali-doped lead silicate glass that has been reduced to make the surface a semiconductor, and can drawn into custom shapes for use in ion guides, drift tubes, capillary inlet tubes, ion mirrors, collision cells, conversion diodes or voltage dividers.