Ultra-fast switching lasers to enable petabit telecoms networks

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Prototypes of ultra-fast switching lasers are enabling Huawei to develop the Petabit Photonic Cross-Connect (PPXC) technology that can realise Petabit optical transport network (OTN) switching.

Agile and ultra-large capacity OTN switching is a promising technology for future optical networks and a key technology for this is fast tuneable lasers. Optical communications and laser components provider Oclaro optimised its Indium Phosphide (InP) tuneable laser technology to provide the ultra-fast switching laser prototypes.

‘Fast tuneable lasers have great potential in Huawei's future optical network architectures and we are excited to see that Oclaro has successfully developed this enabling laser system with nanosecond tuning time,’ said Changtian Cai, Huawei Transport Network president.

Huawei will be showing a live demo of its PPXC system at the optical communications show OFCNFOEC that is held in Los Angeles, California.