PicoQuant launches application gallery competition

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PicoQuant is inviting scientists to submit fascinating data taken with the company's equipment to its online Application Gallery, with the winning entry receiving 3,000 euros.

All techniques of time-correlated single photon counting and related methods are acceptable in this contest, e.g. fluorescence imaging, pulsed excitation, laser ablation, nanosurgery or micromanipulation. All approved entries will be presented in the PicoQuant Application Gallery on the company's website. Whether tissue, organisms, single molecules or nanocrystals, any type of specimen is imaginable. The deadline for submissions is 31 May.

The PicoQuant Application Gallery wants to illustrate both the valuable information and the amazing beauty of measurements that a microscope or a spectrometer can take. Submitted entries can be images, graphs, curves or histograms that show this potential. The data does not necessarily have to originate from the conventional probes like the cell of a zebrafish, arabidopsis or drosophila. Creativity in choosing the probe and generating fascinating data is welcome. The submissions will be judged by originality, informational content, technical proficiency and visual impact.

Entries can be submitted through an online form on PicoQuant's website. Acceptance requires that the data has been taken using a complete system or components from PicoQuant. The winners will be awarded with EUR 3,000 toward the purchase of PicoQuant equipment and an invitation to PicoQuant's International Workshop on Single Molecule Spectroscopy in September 2011. All details about the contest can be found on the website.