Precision is the shape of things to come for security key profiles

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German company Aumat is now using high precision laser displacement sensors to examine security key blanks' surface profiles prior to production.

For this quality control function the reliable acquisition of data on shiny or matt metal surfaces with a high spatial resolution is needed and the process has to be quick, requiring a measuring rate of 10kHz.

The process involves loading individual profile data from a database to help verify if the blank is appropriate, a laser sensor then traverses in the opposite direction to the key blank to measure the profile of the surface. If the profile corresponds to the reference data, the key blank is released for the next stage of manufacturing.

Aumat’s processing units that do this job rely on Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 2200 series laser sensors. The optoNCDT 2200's digital output signal can be combined with the IF2008 PCI card (also designed and supplied by Micro-Epsilon) to synchronise multiple sensors at high measuring speeds for easy data acquisition direct to a PC.