Rofin bears fruit for Cherry Corporation

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Cherry Electrical Corporation manufactures a range of electrical products and used Rofin’s lasers for its computer keyboard production.

Today at Cherry, up to three lasers mark a keyboard at once - two at the top and one at the bottom. In this way, the complicated adhesion of a label to the bottom of the keyboard is no longer necessary. If desired, monochrome manufacturer logos or text can also be generated at the same time. If necessary, the complete marking procedure can be completed in fewer than five seconds.

On some of its five assembly lines, the company is producing value-added keyboards incorporating integrated barcode or chip card readers and fingerprint or RFID sensors more and more often.

About 20 Rofin-Sinar second-generation diode-pumped lasers are currently in use in the company’s facility in Auerbach. These lasers also permit bright white marking of black keyboards and there is almost no downtime. The lasers run reliably and malfunction-free around the clock as a key part in the production of the 10,000 keyboards which leave the factory each day.

Rofin’s lasers are also used within the automotive division at Cherry. In this case, the Rofin lasers generate unique and individual markings that can withstand the harsh conditions found in automotive applications such as heat, moisture, or contact with oils or other fluids.