Safety testing for sunscreens

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Pro-Lite Technology has won a contract to supply a Labsphere UV-2000S sunscreen analyser to Cutest Systems. The system has allowed Cutest to become the first independent British laboratory to possess the tools necessary to provide contract measurements that fully comply with the latest COLIPA (the European cosmetics industry trade association) sunscreen testing guidelines. Cutest is a specialist in the fields of safety and efficacy testing of cosmetics and skin pharmaceuticals, and provides a fast service to the British and wider European sun care industry with cost-effective, contract testing services for new sunscreen formulations.

Labsphere's UV-2000S fully complies with all current and proposed industry standards, including the COLIPA 2007 UVAPF method, the 2008 update to the Boots Star Rating system, and also the proposed United States FDA protocol. The UV-2000S remains the only affordable and simple-to-use instrument to fully satisfy the requirements of the COLIPA guidelines. The UV-2000S builds upon the success of the previous UV-1000S by providing a much greater degree of absorption sensitivity to support the development of high factor sunscreens (2.7 absorbency units specified, 3.0 achieved typical), a convenient sample positioning stage and dedicated software that simplifies the measurements and automatically calculates the various performance parameters required in the COLIPA and Boots Star methods.