Sanyo exits red and infrared laser diode production

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Due to the recent merger between Sanyo and Panasonic, Sanyo has announced that it is ending production of its industrial red and infrared laser diodes by 30 September 2010. The last order date for all affected product lines will be 31 March 2010. 

Photonic Products, authorised distributor of Sanyo laser diodes, has negotiated an agreement with Sanyo whereby it is able to guarantee order coverage for up to two years, providing final orders are placed by 31 March 2010.

Photonic Products will also source and recommend suitable alternatives from leading manufacturers, which will provide equivalent performance and reliability at a comparable price. During the transition period, the company's engineers will work with customers to evaluate and approve alternative laser diodes to prevent disruption to production schedules and minimise any inconvenience.

Sanyo will continue to manufacture 405nm blue-violet laser diodes, which are available in industrial strength up to 85mW optical output power and with the stability required for critically demanding industrial and medical applications. Photonic Products will continue to distribute Sanyo blue-violet laser diodes.