SensL launches photon counting training course

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SensL has developed a first degree level training course in photon counting and timing. The Photon Counting Fundamentals Educator Pack and the Photon Timing Upgrade Pack are aimed at academics, researchers and engineers who wish to learn and explore new technology and techniques in photon detection.

Designed in conjunction with academics from University College Cork and the Dublin Institute of Technology, the packs combine photon detection hardware and software with academic theory to present a product tailored to maximise education and training. The packs include prepared lectures and step-by-step experiments combined with the latest solid state detector technology. The two-pack approach enables budget conscious customers to buy into the fundamentals course and then upgrade later when budgets allow.

'The SensL Photon Counting and Timing Educator products fill a gap that existed in the area of photon detector education and training,' said Dr Aoife Moloney, lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology. 'By involving an academic institute in the development of the lectures and experiments, SensL has produced a product that is perfectly tailored to educational needs.'