Student models designed and manufactured more quickly

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William Parker School has purchased a Universal Laser VL200 system from ES Technology, to improve the manufacturing facilities and learning experience of design technology students.

Using the VL200 laser system the students can now perform high quality cutting and engraving operations on the diverse range of materials that are used to produce student models. The materials that can be processed by the system include acrylic sheet, paper and card, rubber, glass, composite plastics, plastic and aluminium labels and metal components.

The ULS CO2 laser is a flexible system and is good for cutting fine decorative shapes in acrylic materials. The system can be quickly set up from a PC and with a work area of 476mm x 368mm x 102mm a wide range of student projects can be accommodated within the system. 

Bob Groom, technical instructor at William Parker School in Daventry, said: ‘I am very impressed with the laser cutter and the school uses it on a daily basis.’ The VL200 system provides the students with an insight into the world of CAD/CAM manufacturing.

As part of its ongoing process of product development, Universal Laser has now released the VersaLaser VLS2.30, which has a similar working size to the VL200, but with the following additional features, including a non-scratch safety glass lid, a materials-based print driver, job time estimator and motion system protection.