Swedish firm hits the West Coast

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Cobolt, the Swedish manufacturer of lasers for analytical instrumentation equipment, will open its first sales office – Cobalt Inc. – in the US. Located in the San Francisco bay area, the office will service all Cobolt’s customers in North America from 25 March.

The announcement follows seven years of successful collaboration with Market Tech as the company’s exclusive distributor in the USA, and has been motivated by an increasing level of OEM business and sales of customised solutions on the US market. The company aims to expand its presence in the US market and increase its resources for dedicated support of both OEM and research customers.

The US division will be managed by Phillip Amaya, who has a background in the photonics and laser industry, with previous positions with companies including Newport, SDL, Piccarro, and Arbor Photonics.

Hakan Karlsson, CEO of Cobolt, said: 'We are extremely excited about the establishment of Cobolt Inc. We have been very happy with our collaboration with Market Tech but this is a natural step as the amount of OEM business relations increases.

'We look forward to developing a closer contact with OEM as well as research customers in the US. We are also very glad to have Phill Amaya on board as part of our team. We are confident that his extensive experience will bring a lot of value to our customers.'