Tektronix claims leap forward in bandwidth

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Tektronix says laboratory testing has shown that its next-generation oscilloscopes, to be available in 2014, will deliver a real-time bandwidth of 70 GHz.

The company says the oscilloscope will deliver the performance and signal fidelity needed for applications such as 400Gbps, 1Tbps optical telecommunications and fourth generation serial data communications. Tektronix also announced an investment programme that will allow customers to buy the new oscilloscope. The gain in bandwidth performance, with improved signal fidelity, is due in part to the development by Tektronix engineers of a patent-pending signal processing architecture called Asynchronous Time Interleaving.

'With these latest innovations, Tektronix is continuing to push the envelope on what can be achieved in high-fidelity, high-speed data acquisition systems,' said Kevin Ilcisin, chief technology officer at Tektronix.