Trumpf reaches installation milestone

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Trumpf has installed its 20,000th TruFlow laser. The 7kW high-powered CO2 laser has been integrated in a TruLaser Cell 1100 at the Fischer Group in Germany where it will be continuously welding tubes and profiles.

One of the most significant features of TruFlow lasers is their wear-free, zero-maintenance system of gas circulation using magnetically suspended turbo blowers combined with the high frequency excitation of the laser gas. This solution minimises maintenance and operating costs while maximising availability. The axial flow TruFlow lasers also exhibit superb thermal and mechanical stability. This laser technology offers high quality, repeatable machining.

Trumpf continues to believe in the future of CO2 lasers. Dr Christian Schmitz, who heads up laser development and production at Trumpf, commented: 'The idea that CO2 lasers are somehow on the way out is a simple misconception. The wavelength of CO2 lasers continues to offer major benefits for certain applications. It is still the best option for customers who are looking to process the full spectrum of sheet thicknesses, and remains the number one choice for welding thick plates.'

Trumpf supplies TruFlow lasers with output powers ranging from 700W to 20,000W. The open interface architecture of the laser control system makes it easy to integrate the laser within a higher-level control system, so that it can be used in even the most challenging environments.