Trumpf's Trulaser 1030 and 5040 will be available in the UK this November

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Trumpf's new Trulaser 1030 and 5040 products will be available in the UK from this November although it is launched this month in Germany and elsewhere in the world.

The TruLaser 1030 Fibre comes with a Trumpf 2001 TruDisk Laser and the TruLaser 5040 Fibre has the option of a 3001 or 5001 TruDisk Laser. The 1030 will consume up to 23kW, has a working area of 3000 x 1500mm and is viewed as an entry level machine that is low cost and compact. The 2001 TruDisk is a solid-state laser that uses a crystal and beam delivery is through fibre optic cable. 'The energy consumption of the [2001] machine is considerably less than CO2 laser, the electrical connected load is very, very low at 26kVA,' says Trumpf UK’s sales manager Nick Namjanovic, speaking at the company’s press day on 28 March. The Trulaser 1030 is being aimed at users that would previously have used CO₂ laser systems.

The Trulaser 5040 has a working area of 4000 x 2000mm and the option of either the 3001 TruDisk laser, with a 3kW laser, or the new 5001 TruDisk, which has a 5kW laser. Aimed at thin sheet metal processing, the 5001, which will consume up to 58kW, will cut 25mm mild steel, 10mm copper and brass, and 20mm stainless steel and aluminium. Compared to the 3001, the 5001 delivers cutting speed increases, in meters per minute, which are 40 to 100 per cent faster. In November Trumpf UK will have a 5030 machine on show with 5kW disk laser installed.