UK distribution of positioning equipment

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Armstrong Optical is to become the first UK distributor for SmarAct’s products, which include micro- and nano-positioning equipment and advanced control systems.

The piezo-based linear and rotary positioners include scaleable control systems, making them suitable for simple operations and complex automations. Additionally, complete miniaturised robotic systems are available that are capable of very precise tasks.

The individual positioners are completely modular, enabling systems to be fitted together and extended to meet the requirements of the user. They allow for movement with absolute precision and are able to apply high forces. Because of the very small dimensions of some of the positioners, they can be used for demanding applications in very small spaces. Open interfaces make it possible to integrate the products into existing applications.

The product portfolio covers a wide range of applications for industry and research, including microscopy, micro and precision processing, micro manufacturing and micro automation, quality assurance, metrology, material testing and semiconductor technology.