UK Power station adopts portable FTIR analyser for determining water in lubricating oil

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A2 Technologies has announced that the Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire, England, has selected the company's iPAL portable FTIR analyser for measuring the level of water in the lubricating oil used in the massive turbines at this major power plant. Measurement and control of water levels in lubricating oil is of critical importance, because its presence can accelerate oxidation and diminish lubricant performance. In the past, chemists at the power station have relied on Karl Fischer titrations to measure the level of water in lubricating oil.

A new article entitled 'iPAL FTIR Analyser for Moisture Determination in Lubricating Oils - An Advancement over Karl Fisher Titration' by Richard Wilson, environmental & performance manager at Ferrybridge Power Station outlines a number of reasons why his plant has adopted this new technology. The article states that speed, ease, and accuracy of measurement is significantly improved by use of the on-site FTIR analyser, and additionally that no reagents are required. Moreover, the FTIR system acts as a check on off-site testing lab measurements, which are made when necessary. Additionally, training operators to use the FTIR analyser is said to be easier than training for the Karl Fischer approach.

Graham Miller, president of A2 Technologies commented 'The use of the iPAL FTIR analyser at Ferrybridge for critical analyses of lubricating oil is a good example of why a number of conventional and nuclear power stations are adopting this new technology for a range of applications including measuring moisture in oil, oil in cooling water, additive depletion, lubrication oxidation and biodiesel contamination in diesel fuel. The speed, accuracy, ease of use and on-site measurement capability of the FTIR technology provide compelling reasons for changing how analyses are carried out in these facilities.'