UK subcontractor invests in laser micromachining system

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Laser Micromachining, in Wales, UK, has invested in an Optec ProMaster laser system from Laser Lines, which features a compact excimer laser with short UV wavelength and nanosecond pulse duration to ensure accurate micromachining down to the µm scale with minimum kerf and thermal effects. Typically these systems are used to create ultra small features (holes, slots and channels) in a wide range of polymers, thin metallic and oxide films.

Nadeem Rizvi, Laser Micromachinig's managing director, said: 'The addition of the ProMaster to our existing suite of seven other micromachining laser systems will enhance the capability we can offer our customers and provide LML with a wider range of precision laser manufacturing solutions. We have been extremely impressed with the ProMaster system – it is easy to use, highly flexible for our demanding needs and very reliable. It has already proven itself to be an invaluable tool for the production of micro-parts for our industrial clients.'