US naval air division turns to spectrometry

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McPherson, a manufacturer of dispersive spectrometers used to measure and tune specific wavelengths of light, has revealed that it was contracted by the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) for design and production of a spectral test, calibration, and light delivery system. The delivered spectral test system (STS) delivers near contiguous wavelength coverage of wavelengths from 250nm ultraviolet, through to the visible and up to the long wave infrared (12µm, LWIR.) The McPherson STS features quadruple diffraction gratings for high efficiency, variable wavelength and spectral resolution, and a collimated output beam.

The system helps to characterise and document the response of sensors to specific wavelengths of light in order to calibrate their response and acquire useful data when the spectral sensors are airborne. The McPherson STS enables spectral test and characterisation of various and diverse sensor and seeker formats. Among other tasks, McPherson STS helps NAVAIR characterise sensors for the SPIKE program. SPIKE is a low cost 'fire and forget' precision guided technology utilising high-tech imaging and electro-optical sensors.