Velodyne Lidar signs distribution agreement for Japan

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Velodyne lidar has signed an agreement with Argo Corporation, whereby Argo will serve as the exclusive reseller of Velodyne's HDL-64E and HDL-32E high definition 3D lidar sensors in Japan.

Velodyne's lidar sensors are primarily designed for vision systems integrated into robots and unmanned vehicles, which are markets served by Argo.

'Japan is a region with some of the leading robotics and autonomous vehicle companies in the world. Velodyne has established some business in Japan on a direct basis and looks forward to expanding that business dramatically with Argo's involvement. We have chosen them for their ability to effectively market Velodyne HDL lidar products, and we look forward to a successful and strategic long-term relationship,' said Brent Schwarz, vice president of Velodyne.

The HDL-64E lidar sensor is a rugged sensor designed to satisfy the needs of large autonomous ground and 3D mobile mapping vehicles. It features 64 lasers aligned across a 27° vertical field of view. The sensor produces a 360° 3D point cloud at refresh rates of 5 - 20Hz, and a density of more than 1.2m distance measurement points per second - providing several orders of magnitude more data than conventional lidar sensors.

The HDL-32E lidar sensor is a small, lightweight and rugged sensor designed to satisfy the needs of numerous markets including autonomous navigation, 3D mobile mapping and security. It features 32 lasers aligned across a 40° vertical field of view and generates 700,000 distance measurement points per second. The HDL-32E measures 5.68 x 3.36-inches and weighs 2.4lb (144 x 85mm, 1.1Kg).