Vince Cable opens new Gooch and Housego office and manufacturing facilities

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The UK's secretary of state for business, innovation and skills, Dr Vince Cable, has opened new manufacturing facilities at the UK division of Gooch and Housego in Torquay.

Cable visited G&H with local MP Adrian Sanders as part of a tour of innovative businesses in the Torquay area. In cutting the ribbon on the extension to the factory, Cable commented: ‘G&H (Torquay) is an example of the type of business which the government can collaborate with to deliver growth in our economy with its focus on technology, innovation and export.’

According to Graham Catley, G&H Torquay general manger: ‘Our business has gone through a transformation in the last 10 years from a telecoms component manufacturer to a photonics solutions provider, and the recent launch of the Systems Technology Group in Torquay will further enhance this growth.’