A welding system for tubular medical devices

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XL Precision Technologies (formerly XL EDM) has purchased a Rofin StarWeld Select laser welding system to produce the company's range of tubular stainless steel components, including various products for medical markets.

XL Precision Technologies produces approximately 900,000 individual parts each year. To meet increasing demand for these products, the company purchased its second laser welder earlier this year. The new StarWeld Select complements XL's existing Rofin laser, which has been in production for more than two years, and provides not only the much needed additional capacity, but also flexibility in the way in which the system can be used. The new system incorporates four high-precision axes that can be controlled manually by use of a joystick or operated under full CNC control.

The multi-mode capability of the StarWeld Select is suited to the needs of XL Precision Technologies, enabling different techniques to be used for product development, prototyping and full production runs. Used in its simplest form, as a manual welding machine, component sub-assemblies can be aligned and tacked manually if required. When used in semi-automatic mode, the system can be operated under joystick control for manual deposit welding or prototyping new and complex welding geometries. The full CNC operational mode provides the functionality required for large batch and continuous production runs.

XL Precision Technologies already claims to be a preferred supplier for major customers in the medical, aerospace, motorsport and marine industries, and the company hopes that the addition of this latest Rofin laser welding system will allow it to continue to meet the customers' demands.