Zeiss sublicences LED fluorescence IP

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The microscopy business group of Carl Zeiss (Jena, Germany) has granted a sublicense for patents relating to LED fluorescence excitation in microscopy to Prior Scientific (Cambridge, UK). These patents protect the use of light emitting diodes for the excitation of fluorescence radiation in light microscopes. The property rights, which are valid in the USA and Canada, were acquired by Carl Zeiss in 2005.

Carl Zeiss uses this technology in a number of products such as iLED-module, Axio Scope FL and Colibri.2 for a wide range of applications extending from routine to high-end microscopy. The users benefit from the optimum flexibility and maximum specimen protection offered by the LEDs as light sources for fluorescence excitation.

Prior Scientific has been offering light sources for fluorescence excitation in microscopy for several years. They are marketed under the product name Lumen, and are based on metal halide technology. Prior is currently expanding its product spectrum to include two LED-based light sources, which can contain either two or four LEDs with different wavelengths, which will be marketed under the product name LumenLED.

Prior Scientific specialises in the development and production of high precision scanning stages, motorised focus systems, robotic sample handling, illumination systems, and other accessories for the complete automation of microscopes from all leading manufacturers.