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1050, 1320 and 1470nm CTL diode lasers

Toptica’s CTL (continuously tuneable lasers) diode lasers are now available at 1,050, 1,320 and 1,470nm wavelengths with continuous, mode-hop-free wavelength tuning up to 110nm. Currently available at wavelengths between 915nm and 1630nm, Toptica’s CTL diode lasers can achieve ultra-wide mode-hop-free motorised wavelength scans with high absolute accuracy, subpm resolution and output powers up to 80mW. Piezo tuning allows even higher resolutions down to 5kHz. 

With its innovative resonator design, as well as its versatile and low noise all-digital controller (DLC pro), the CTL reaches low drift values and a linewidth below 10kHz. The completely digital architecture enables mode-hop-free operation with a SMILE (single mode intelligent loop engine), which is an active feedback loop that makes sure the laser always stays on the same mode – even during 110nm wide scans. The controller offers ease of use via touchscreen, knobs and buttons for functions like zooming into spectra, frequency locking and power stabilisation. Remote control is possible with a convenient PC GUI or a powerful command language via TCP/IP and USB.


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