1ns pulse laser driver

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Laser Components has introduced the LDP-V 03-100 UF3 driver module manufactured by its partner PicoLAS. This compact, base cooled unit is capable of driving diodes up to 3A at 100V and optimised for pulse-repetition rates from single-shot up to 35MHz via the SMC trigger input.

Diodes can be mounted directly onto the LDP-V, eliminating the need for strip lines, providing sub-nanosecond rise times for TO-18, TO-5, TO-52, 5.6mm and 9mm packages.

The LDP-V series can be supplied with a breakout board for prototyping purposes along with the PLCS-21 pulse generator; providing a compact pulse signal for your driver. Adding the PLCS-21 controller allows you to enable USB2.0 functionality to the driver and control every single parameter of operation in an easy to use handheld package.