High power sources at 915nm, 976nm and 793nm

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Laser Components has added easy to use, high power, fibre coupled sources with wavelength stabilisation at 793nm, 915nm and 976nm to its existing range of laser diodes. Feedback protection is available from 1,040nm - 1,200nm for the 976nm modules and from 1,900-2,100nm for the 793nm modules.

These new devices comprise fibre-coupled diode pump modules with output powers of up to 210W through 135u fibre. This new platform enables high brightness performance with cost effective packaging, making it ideal for fibre and solid-state laser pumping as well as materials processing. 

For the highest power applications, subsystem options are also available with in-built electronics in rack-mount containment, these systems exhibit extraordinary output powers of up to 3,000W, making them ideal for applications in steel and aluminium welding as well as brazing, cladding and heat treatment.