20W Fibre Laser Pump Module

Bookham has launched a single emitter-based pump laser module capable of delivering 20W of fibre-coupled power into a 105µm, 0.15NA fibre. 

The product is designed to target fibre laser and direct systems for material processing applications, and will allow laser manufacturers to optimise their cost per watt ratio.

The increased power output of the Bookham pump module enables customers to generate greater power levels for fibre laser pumping with fewer modules, allowing for more compact pump configurations, greater pump block efficiency and simplification of packaging.

The new passively cooled, small form factor multimode pump module has a floating anode/cathode design and includes the latest generation of multimode pump laser chips from the Bookham Zurich facility. The robust coupling approach delivers more than 80 per cent coupling efficiency and the module can operate at wavelengths from 795nm to 980nm, making it suitable for a variety of pumping and direct applications. The module is designed to include current and next generation single emitter laser chips, allowing customers to seamlessly upgrade their systems.