20W ST pulsed fibre laser

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SPI Lasers has launched its 20W ST (Superior Temperature) pulsed fibre laser, which has an extended temperature range and is capable of operating at full power in all ambient environments up to 45°C (HS model 35°C) making it ideal for hot climate locations.

The ST typically gives 21W and is specified to give >20W under all environmental conditions. Typically, the ST has a five per cent improvement in pulse energy, average power and peak power over the 20W HS, allowing improvements in materials processing performance. Typical applications include marking, scribing, ablation, silicon processing, resistor trimming, solar cell processing, thin film cutting and fine foil drilling.

Increasing capability of the laser to give 20W at 45°C complements the existing range and allows SPI to become leaders in hot climates, such as Asia and South America, where manufacturing industries are opting for more advanced fibre lasers.