213nm laser

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Berlin-based CryLaS Crystal Laser Systems introduced the passively Q-switched 213nm laser at Photonics West 2013.

The unit offers pulse energies of >1.5µJ at a repetition rate of 1kHz or >50µJ at 60Hz. The pulse width is typically <1.3ns.

The laser beam has a near Gaussian shape (TEM00) with beam divergence <2.5mrad. The noise is below 1 per cent rms (100Hz to 1MHz), power stability is better than 5 per cent over six hours.

A sealed, compact housing of the laser head allows operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Heat removal from the laser head is done via thermal conduction through the base plate.

CryLaS designs and  manufactures passively Q-switched and CW laser systems emitting wavelengths of 213, 266, 355, 532 and 1064nm for use in OEM and scientific fields in biotechnology, analytics, imaging, spectroscopy, sensor systems and micromachining.