2+1x1 pump combiners

Gooch & Housego, a leading manufacturer of high-power laser and fibre amplifier components has launched a range of low port count, multimode pump combiners with a signal feed through fibre. This arrangement is commonly referred to as a (2+1)x1.

Fibre laser systems incorporating the (2+1)x1 are becoming more common as diode pump powers increase. They are already established as the signal/pump combiner in high power fibre amplifiers for CATV distribution.

The (2+1)x1 is available as standard at centre wavelengths of 1064nm and 1550nm with both polarization maintaining and single mode feed through fibres. The signal performance is essentially wavelength independent over the C band for 1550nm devices and over a 60nm range for the 1064nm devices. Other options are available upon request including combiners with large mode area signal fibre.

The extension of the product range of high port count devices with up to 19 pump ports allows G&H to meet all customer’s combiner requirements.

AMS Technologies sells and markets Gooch & Housego products in following countries: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.