248/130 spectrometer

McPherson has launched its 248/130 grazing incidence wavelength dispersive optical spectrometer, which allows rapid analysis of spectral light in the ~1 to 300nm wavelength region. This instrument is a useful tool for spectroscopy in the vacuum ultraviolet and also the extreme and soft-x-ray wavelength region. Using direct detection CCDs, gated image intensifiers, or fast channel electron multipliers for detection, it provides wide working range and flexibility in spectral acquisition.

The instruments are completely assembled, vacuum leak checked, and calibrated with respect to wavelength. They can include adapters, differential pumping, and grazing incidence collection optics to more easily connect to the experiment. Every shipment is complete with a wavelength calibration certification. For the user, this facilitates rapid identification of closely spaced high harmonics.

The McPherson 248/310 spectrometer is not just for laser applications; space scientists and plasma physicists who need a ready instrument for vacuum ultraviolet, EUV, and XUV also capitalise on the spectrometer's range and flexibility. Configured in reverse, it operates as a tunable light source. Vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy accessories, including various detectors systems and wavelength calibration sources, are available from <1nm to the visible.