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FlexOptometer radiometer and photometer

Gamma Scientific has released its high-performance flexOptometer, a radiometer/photometer designed to operate as either a standalone instrument or a computer-controlled, full-function photometric, radiometric or fibre optic measurement tool.

Gamma’s new model is available with a single head or with up to four interchangeable detector heads for optimal flexibility.

The four-channel flexOptometer includes a new touch-screen backlit LCD interface that offers the end user immediate readout results. Highly configurable via the USB, RS232, RS485, and IEEE488.2 computer interfaces, it is easy to integrate into existing lab instrument architectures. The new light-measuring instrument offers faster, more accurate measurements than any previously available optometric system.

The new electronic design is based on Gamma Scientific’s advanced performance, highly reliable, TIA-3000 measurement systems. Ideal for testing and light measurement applications such as display, LED, laser power, fiber optics, strobe or signal light measurements and more, Gamma’s flexOptometer is available in OEM volume.


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