560 nm picosecond pulsed diode laser head

PicoQuant announces the release of the 560nm picosecond pulsed diode laser head. The availability of this new wavelength opens the door for entirely new applications in bioanalytics, biochemistry, genetics, semiconductor characterisation, and quality control.  

The 560 nm laser is ideal for exciting fluorescent proteins like mCherry, RFP, or DsRed, and fluorescent dyes such as CY3 or Atto565. With a pulse duration as short as 80 ps, the pulsed laser head perfectly matches the time resolution of mainstream detectors, yet at a price much lower than that of commonly used solid state lasers. The laser head supports picosecond pulsed as well as continuous-wave operation.

With the official release of the new model, the PicoQuant diode laser family “LDH Series” now covers the entire wavelength range from 375 nm to 1990 nm. All laser heads come with collimator optics that can optionally be fitted with optical fibers. The new 560 nm laser head is compatible with PicoQuant's family of diode laser drivers “PDL Series”.