871 Laser Wavelength Meter

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For laser applications such as high-resolution laser spectroscopy, photchemistry, cooling/trapping, and optical remote sensing, wavelength information is critical. However, the exact wavelength of sources such as tunable lasers and laser diodes is not known a priori. This makes it necessary to measure laser wavelength to ensure the most meaningful experimental results.

The best way to determine the absolute wavelength of CW and pulsed lasers is with the 871 Laser Wavelength Meter from Bristol Instruments. The model 871 employs optical interferometry to provide real-time wavelength information with an accuracy of ± 1 part per million (± 300MHz at 1000nm). What's more, an unsurpassed measurement rate of 1kHz enables the wavelength characterization of individual laser pulses, and a time resolution of 1 millisecond provides the most detailed wavelength analysis of tunable lasers. 

The 871 Laser Wavelength Meter lets you: measure absolute wavelength of CW and pulsed lasers accurately and reliably; verify laser wavelength in real-time; report and control laser wavelength automatically; and set laser precisely to an important wavelength.