AvaSpec SensLine

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Avantes has introduced a new line of high sensitivity spectrometers, its AvaSpec SensLine range. The spectrometers are suitable for fluorescence spectroscopy and low light applications, and feature the company's ultra-low stray light bench, a high speed USB2 interface, and back-thinned CCD detectors with high quantum efficiency, which are available in 2048 x 16 or 2048 x 64 pixel formats.

The AvaSpec-ULS2048x16-USB2 model uses a high speed detector for measurements in the UV to NIR range (200-1160nm). The effective detector height with 16 pixels of 14µm is 224µm, and the pixels are vertically binned. The advantages over the current AvaSpec-ULS2048x14-USB2 model are a faster integration time (min 0.91ms), improved dark noise, better etaloning, better anti-blooming and better dynamic range.

Also newly introduced, the AvaSpec-ULS2048x64-USB2 model in the same Avaspec-Sensline range has an even higher detector height with 64 pixels of 14µm, vertically binned to an effective detector height of 900µm, resulting in a spectrometer that is four-times as sensitive as the alternative model.

The AvaSpec SensLine will be available as of May 2011.