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The 9520 series of digital pulse generators, manufactured by Quantum Composers and distributed by Photonic Solutions, high resolution and excellent control over the delays and widths of pulses.

The 9520 series of instruments offers fully independent external trigger control of width, rate, delay and amplitude of up to eight channels. This instrument permits differing rates for all the channels. It provides 250ps resolution with less than 200ps jitter.

The devices include an internal rate generator with 10ns period resolution. To ease the set-up of the device each time the device is used, it stores the complete channel and system parameters in its own internal memory. Other features include: automated test sequencing and field programmability via RS232; USB, GPIB and Ethernet connectivity; external clock syncing functions; and dual gate and/or trigger inputs.

Three models of the 9520 pulse generator are available: the 9522, 9524 and 9528. All models feature 250ps timing resolution with less than 200ps jitter but differ in respect to the number of fully independent outputs. The 9522 offers two independent outputs, the 9524 four, and the 9528 eight independent outputs.